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1. Your stay starts at 4 pm on the day of arrival and finishes at 11.00 am on the day of departure

    according to the date on the confirmation of a reservation.

2. The condition confirming the reservation is payment of a deposit of the amount of 50 per cent of the

    total amount due for stay. The payment of the deposit by a Guest means that he/she accepts the

    regulations in question and gives his/her consent to the conditions included in it. One should make a

    transfer within 5 days of the date of receiving the confirmation of the reservation into the account:

BZ WBK 24 1090 1362 0000 0001 2983 2019
ZŁOTA PLAŻA II Golden Beach Village
Ul. Ognik 13
60-385 Poznań

    One should make a transfer of the other 50 per cent amount due to the bank account mentioned  

    above not later than 14 days before beginning the service. The recognition of the Guest’s transfer in

    the bank account of Złota Plaża II is the receipt of effecting the payment in time. We want to inform  

    that the payment of the other 50 per cent of the amount due will be stopped towards executing the


3. In case of cancelling the reservation due to the Guest’s fault, Złota Plaża II Golden Beach Village 

    reserves the right to burden the Guest with the amount due according to the following principles: 

  • with the amount of half of the paid deposit when the resignation took place no later than 30 days before the first day on which the Guest is going to start using the reserved house,
  • with the total deposit if the resignation took place fewer than 30 days before the first day of the reservation,
  • with 100 per cent of the total cost of the reservation if the resignation took place fewer than 14 days before the first day of the reservation,
  • with 100 per cent of the total cost of the reservation when the Guest does not arrive or does not use the reserved service within the specified period of time, without making an earlier change or cancelling the reservation.

4. In case of shortening your stay, the rules similar to the ones connected with cancelling a reservation


5. For regular Guests, at the third stay, we grant 5 per cent discount! (It does not concern the prices before

    and after high season).

6. In case of larger organized groups we leave the prices for an individual agreement!!!

7. In justified cases the manager of the Resort can charge bail from the Guest in the amount of 200

    PLN. This bail will be returned at turning the house over or intended to cover possible losses

    incurred and repair any damage caused by the Guest.

8. Only legal adults of 18 years old are illegible to book reservations. Our resort reserves the right to refuse accomodation to the under age person which will result with no legal consequences for the resort Zlota Plaza II.

9. After arrival the quest is obligated to present the booking confirmation and a valid ID. The booking is completed by filling and signing the guest's check-in card.

10. We reserve the right to the refusal of accommodation for persons being under the influence of alcohol

    or intoxicants and for persons who behave aggressively and in the way universally regarded as vulgar.

    The persons in breach of the principles of the regulations and acting in discord with the rules of social

    intercourse will be obliged to leave the Holiday Resort "Złota PLAŻA II Golden Beach Village"  

    without the reimbursement of costs.

11. There is an additional fee per night for each person added to the room beyond the regular capacity.

12. The Guest does not have the right to give up the house to other persons, even if the period for which   

       he/she paid the due fee for stay does not expire.

13. At time of handing over the key to the house, the Guests become its householders and maintaining

      cleanliness of the house as well as its terrace is in their management.

14. The Guest is obliged to report any damage to the appliances or rooms put into use immediately  

      after entering the house.

15. The car park is free of charge and unguarded. For every house one marked parking place is fixed.  The

      Resort does not bear any responsibility for vehicles left in the car park and possessions left inside.

16. With regard for the requirements of the fire protection and general safety, you are forbidden to

      use any heating devices and additional electric appliances in the houses except the ones installed by

      the Owner of the Resort.

17. In the Holiday Resort “ZŁOTA PLAŻA II” the still of the night is in effect from 10 pm till 6:00 am.

18. The behaviour of Guests and persons making use of the services offered by the Resort should not

      disrupt calm stay of other Guests. The manager is entitled to the refusal of providing further

      services for the person who violates this principle.

19. The Guest bears full financial responsibility for damage of all kinds or damage arising from

      his/her or visitors’ fault and will be charged with the costs according to the price list.

20. On the day of departure the Guest is obliged to report personally to the staff about his/her departure,

      hand the house over to have the inspection of the state of the equipment carried out and return

      the received keys to the Manager of the Resort.

21. The Resort does not bear any responsibility for possessions left in the houses by Guests.

22. The charge of 15 PLN per twenty-four hours is made for stay of a dog in the house. One should set

      with the manager of the Resort the stay of other animals than dogs. The customer of the house

      bringing a dog or other domestic animal with himself /herself is obliged to retain all security

      measures so that the animal does not threaten other holiday-makers, in particular the animal should be

      led on a leash and have a muzzle put on. The full responsibility for damage caused by the animal is

      born by his/her owner or the person under whose care it remains  in the house.

23. The Guest can file a complaint, conclusions or remarks on the day of departure at the latest. The

      condition of investigating the complaint is reporting it in writing to the manager of the Resort. The

      customer’s complaint will be investigated within 30 days of the date of submitting it.  

24. Your stay bought out in the Resort does not constitute accident insurance for Guests staying in the

      Resort as well as insurance in case of theft and damage of possessions. It is recommended to Guests

      to buy a holiday insurance policy from the Personal Accident Insurance on their own.

25.  The Guests of the Resort commit themselves to obey the provisions of the Regulations, the

       provisions of the Rules of Health and Safety and the fire protection and, in exceptional situations,

       to comply with the requests of the employees of the Resort. We do not bear any responsibility for  

      damage being the result of non-observance of the principles contained in the Regulations and orders  

      by the Guests of the Resort.

26. The Regulations of the Resort are announced on the website www.zlotaplaza.com and by acquainting

      oneself with them individually after receiving the confirmation of the reservation.

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